Leventhal has had several one man art exhibitions over the years but is probably best known for his numerous commercial work that adorn and define restaurants, hotels, libraries, malls, schools, cafes, hospitals and banks from Toronto to Jerusalem.

Leventhal’s distinctive style has created a major impact on coffee shops across North America with his award-winning designs for the Second Cup, a Toronto-based gourmet coffee franchise. Asked to create a Leventhal’s murals, sculptures and mosaics quickly transformed the location into a quirky visual landmark. His designs for the company now embrace over 100 of the popular cafes across the country. Each is totally unique and local touches of Leventhal’s exuberant whimsy continue to endear coffee patrons from Halifax to Vancouver.

But Leventhal’s corporate works do not just include coffee. His joyful paintings and sculptures grace the walls, ceilings and floors of many prestigious buildings, businesses and public institutions. From a commissioned work designing Tiffany’s 5th Avenue windows to a one man show in Bloomingdale’s flagship store in Manhattan.

He has received a UNICEF award for his contribution to the arts in Canada, and a Queens Jubilee medal for his initiative called the Gift of Friendship, in Shanghai China.